Wine Cellar Raid: I'm Not Even going to "Talley" How Much Chardonnay I Consumed!

Wine Cellar Raid: I'm Not Even going to "Talley" How Much Chardonnay I Consumed!

Hello DEEP FREEZE Baltimore! Yikes, it went from 50+ degrees yesterday to a whopping 23 degrees upon waking up this morning. Good news though - it is going to reach a high of 38 degrees. SCORE! 

At least we know something that can keep us warm beyond those bougie down jackets. WINE. Yes, WINE, and, just like that, it is another Wednesday which means TIME TO RAID THAT CELLAR.

I am excited to talk about this week's Chardonnay; it was a new one in my line up and, frankly, one that I am not familiar with at all. Post Style Magazine's "Big Bash" last week, I stopped by the fabulous Magdelena restaurant, part of Baltimore's luxury and boutique style "Ivy Hotel."

After going round and round with the sommelier (not "too oakey," but not "too buttery")- please, all in a good way - I finally settled on this recommended Chardonnay from California's South Central Coast in the Arroyo Grande Valley. To put into perspective (I know I had to google the area), the winery sits halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Apparently, this is all part of the San Luis Obispo County which, if I am correct, is the dividing line between Northern and Southern California. Do not quote me though...and I am too lazy to look it up. Ha. Instead, I am just going with it because that sounds about right to me. 

Janine Wine Glass


On to the wine! This 2014 Talley Vineyards "Rosemary's Vineyard" Chardonnay was a TOTAL win for my liking. And, yes, it is all about ME! I kid - I am one of the least self-absorbed people you will meet. But, when it comes to making sure a wine is "Fit4Janine," so I can share it with YOU well, then, yes, it is about ME. 

Tally Vineyards


Winemaker's Notes:

Citrus notes and distinctive acidity; its pale hue gives this vintage an aroma of lemon oil and fresh nectarine. The flavors emphasize lemon curd with mineral notes. The weight is medium bodied, and its firm acidity results in a refreshing, mouthwatering finish.

Enjoy this focused chardonnay with triple cream cheese or pan seared scallops. 

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Oh it, also, received some critical acclaim from Robert Parker too! 

A sensational Chardonnay from one of the great vineyards in the Central Coast is the 2014 Chardonnay Estate Rosemary's Vineyard. It offers classic Chardonnay notes of apple blossom, salt block, buttered citrus and hints of charcoal to go with building richness and depth on the palate, integrated acidity and a great finish. Drink this complete, balanced and lengthy beauty over the coming 5-6 years, although it will keep longer if well stored.

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It, definitely, was smooth and easy to drink without pairing it with food. Would I serve this with Thanksgiving dinner? Most likely it is too sophisticated for a turkey dinner. And, while no judgement, at close to $50 per bottle, this should be enjoyed with a group who appreciates wine and maybe over a lovely cheese board and good conversation - not "can you please pass the mashed potatoes." 

Cheers love! Stay warm, and stay responsible - with your consumption that is!


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