Wine Cellar Raid: Bringing Back Memories of the Pacific Northwest!

Wine Cellar Raid: Bringing Back Memories of the Pacific Northwest!

Hey YOU! How are ya? Good week so far? Kicking ass and taking names? I feel like it should be Friday, and it is only Wednesday BUT that is not a bad thing...because we know what that means!

Actually, kind of excited to share with you this week's wine that I am touting. And, just as the title of this post goes, it has brought back some really great memories of my time visiting the Pacific Northwest when my sister was at the University of Oregon. Yes, GO DUCKS! 

While I wish I had been a little more of a wine connoisseur at the time - we are going back 5 years now to when she graduated - some of my fondest memories included trips to the well-known wineries. And, for those who are into vino, you know that the Pacific Northwest is a HUGE hub for producing fabulous wines, specifically, Pinot Noir. 

Yesterday, when trying out a new restaurant in one of the trendy Baltimore neighborhoods, I was perusing their wine list when I came across a lovely Chardonnay from Adelsheim Vineyards.

Adelsheim Vineyards


Not only has it been a while since I had one of their varietals - I am a fan of their Pinot Gris, Rose, and "Elizabeth's Reserve" Pinot Noir - I had not tried their Chardonnay AND it just reminded me of that time when my family and I (including my sister's adorable French Bulldog, Gully) the vineyard in 2016. Here we are in our glory...

Family Adelsheim


As I was gathering information about how the vineyard began, I am came across this fabulous story on the Adelsheim site. 

"Luck, fate, and a single-minded determination to make world-class wine in Oregon led David and Ginny Adelsheim to purchase their first 19 acres just outside Newberg, Oregon in 1971. Drawn to the uniqueness of the land and its proximity to Portland, it was here they decided to stake their claim, plant their first rows of Pinot noir along Quarter Mile Lane, and establish what would become the Chehalem Mountains’ first-ever winery in 1978—Adelsheim.

Since 1971, we have obsessively pursued benchmark wines that celebrate the unique bounty of our estate vineyards - home to some of Oregon’s most diverse soil types, elevations, and exposures. As a founding winery of the Willamette Valley and Chehalem Mountains' first winery, Adelsheim has played an instrumental role in nearly every aspect of the Oregon wine story" (

You know what else I realized? How much farther the iPhone has come with taking pictures - ha! 

Back to wine! As I mentioned, yesterday, I checked out this new, trendy Italian restaurant & wine bar called "Limoncello" in Locust Point. The place was FUN, VIBRANT, and the food (and wine) selection was fabulous! I knew I wanted white - for some reason, I do not enjoy red as much during the day - so, when I saw the Adelsheim "Chardonnay," I was SOLD!

Adelsheim Chardonnay


Winemaker's Notes:

The 2017 Willamette Valley Chardonnay "is a lovely, refreshing, and clean Chardonnay. There are wafts of fresh Asian pear and a delicate spice note, accompanied by a pleasing juiciness in the mouth. It’s like crunching in to a fistful of grapes. The texture and depth of this wine are compelling, and I love how vibrant it is on the palate."

Courtesy of 

Janine Wine


Loves, it is a DRINK NOW kind of wine, and something I would ABSOLUTELY serve to my guests on Thanksgiving OR at least take with me! Crazy to think we are one day shy of the 1-week Thanksgiving "OMGOSH" craze. 

Here's to Wednesday peeps! Hope your day is awesome, and the rest of the week you can WINE DOWN!


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