Wine On A Plane...Need I Say More?

Wine On A Plane...Need I Say More?

Greetings from San Francisco! The weather has dropped about 10 degrees from Santa Monica, the outfits of the men and women here are SO FIT4JANINE, and the food scene is off the charts! Looking forward to taking in some of the sights later today...and by sights, of course I mean Nordstrom (did you know they have a circular staircase?)? 

My current status involves sitting at the beautiful Ritz Carlton on Stockton Street (stayed here with my parents about 2 years ago en route to Napa), multiple coffees consumed, breakfast ordered, and getting a little work done so I can play later. I, definitely, do not feel a workout is needed; the incline that I walked up to get here gave my glutes the lift they have so desperately needed! Plus, I absolutely LOVE all of the walking! Even my iWatch is saying WTF! Ha!

Side Note: You should see this breakfast that was just delivered to me (I even gave 1/2 my roasted potatoes back)! 

omelet potatoes chicken sausage Ritz Carlton Parallel37

No shame in my foodie game! If you are interested in knowing - egg white omelet with burrata, basil pesto, spinach, and mushroom; roasted potatoes; chicken sausage. Definite fuel for the day! These roasted potatoes sure do taste like French fries, LOL! 

Okay, I am getting back on track...

Yesterday, I had a few hours prior to my departure to chill and do one last thing that I wanted to try before leaving. Again, not that I will be back next month but it was something I really wanted to do and, well, I wanted to have a little Fit4Janine FUN! So, my day of "market research" began, even though it came to mind as I was waiting at the airport.

And, go figure, my market research included lots of vino...because WINE not?

Upon checking out, I sat in one of my favorite spots in the lobby of the Fairmont and ordered my favorite Cabernet's from Honig. I just needed to decompress, take in the beautiful scenery, and get ready for my next adventure. I had an appointment to get to at 1:45 pm, which, luckily, did not take very long.

Honig Cabernet Fairmont Miramar

From there, I hopped in a Lyft (yes, I would have walked but on a MAJOR time crunch), and headed straight to Wally's Wine & Spirits in Santa Monica! Yes, it is BRAND NEW - just opened to the public on October 6th (they knew I was coming, ha) - and it is JUST GORGEOUS! I absolutely LOVE their location in Beverly Hills - so many great memories with my parents - so I am thrilled it has come to my "neck of the woods," and, literally, across the street from the Fairmont. I grabbed a table for 1, asked for their best Cab by the glass - Shafer, HELLO! - and dined on a lovely Bluefin Ahi Tuna Salad (what a fun twist)! Satisfied, happy, and ready to head to the airport.

                              shafer wine wally's     Bluefin Ahi Tuna Cobb Salad Wally's

Typically, I leave L.A. in the wee hours of the morning; leaving at 2:30 pm to head to LAX left me wondering what I would be faced with. Traffic? Ha, funny! Long lines? Big time wait? Actually, from Uber rider, to airport, and then through security, it was under 45 minutes! Whoop whoop! Maybe because it was a Tuesday? Who knows; LAX is always a question mark....kind of like me, right? ;) 

I grabbed a seat in the Southwest terminal where cocktails were being served. My Mom asked me if I was going to grab one but I thought I would wait until in flight; hence my idea of really seeing if I am a wine snob, or if wine on a plane is just that bad. Plus, I have a handful of drink coupons to use; luckily it was free. Yes, keep on reading...

So, I went ALL IN, and got the Cabernet by Carmenet. Dear God, help me!

wine on a plane Southwest

The verdict? My name is Janine and I am a TOTAL WINE SNOB! Yes, I had consumed $25 per glass Cabs prior to this BUT, even if I had not, I, still would have thought the same. I don't want to say it tasted like grape juice but it tasted like grape juice. I did consume the glass - I kept hoping that maybe it would become a little more "fuller bodied" as it sat and breathed. I was being a team player too and, like I said, felt I needed to go "all in" to give my true opinion (even though I don't like drinking my calories if I do not like it)! 

Boy, who was I kidding! 

The funny thing is, when I was awaiting at the SFO airport for my boyfriend's flight to land - yes, we flew separately because we are cool like that - I googled the wine. I couldn't believe that it scored well over 90 points and won Gold/Silver medals. Again, this just goes to show you that it doesn't matter the price, or if it's on a plane or off a bougie wine list, it's all a matter of opinion and palette. Like what you drink, right?

As for me, I will stick to vodka on the rocks at 30,000 feet should I choose a cocktail. And, yes, there is no shame in my $25+ per glass taste. Life is too short to not drink what you like, and, for me, CHEAP IS NOT in my vocabulary! 

Happy Wine-Down Wednesday! Tell me what is in your glass today - love to know! Cheers loves!


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