WINING In The Name Of...

WINING In The Name Of...

Omgosh, over so many things! Happy Wednesday! Seriously, this is a much needed "Wine Down" chat...and I, PROMISE, to showcase the latest wine I am trying this evening! I know, I have been off my game with spotlighting my favorites as of late. 

So, I am going to sound pretty vain, especially since I have a background in health and wellness AND am also a lifestyle coach BUT, if this will help in not being so stressed about it, then let this be part of the process.

I had mentioned few weeks ago - actually, it was in my post re-capping St. Maarten's - that I shared how I just have not felt "right." It has been a stressor for me on top of everything else that is stressing me out right now. And, while I have, truly, known this all along it was my Mom saying THIS to me today that, FINALLY, had me saying to myself that I need to chill the fuck out (or at least try). 

Janine, you are not really taking care of yourself...and this has been on-going for awhile.

I will admit, it is hard to see the "forest for the trees" at times, and this "time" is, definitely, one of them. While I can argue that my nutrition and exercise have not "really" changed, I have not put in the time and effort to take a step back and say, "wait a minute, how can I possibly keep doing what I have been doing, amongst everything that has been going on, and expect my body to be in fighting shape." Insert Janine on auto-pilot. 

Again, not the platform for which I would chat about this but I will get to the wine soon - ha! Exercise in itself is a stressor AND, while so fantastic for you, if you are not taking the proper steps to fuel and recover, then it is going to do nothing but push back. Think of it in terms of a rubber band; it can only be stretched so far, under so much tension & pressure, before it snaps right back. 

And that snap freaking hurts!

So, while my exercise has stayed somewhat the same over the past 5 months (modified due to my injured ankles - see below), here is what has REALLY changed...

  • Nutrition has not been "great," and, by great, I mean really not eating enough to fuel my activity level.
  • Stress beyond belief; work, personal life, exercise, etc. Stress belly is a REAL thing! 
  • Sleep - WTF is that?
  • A lapse in my thyroid medication - ugh, I know - meant my body going into a complete metabolic BUST. 
  • A breakup, the Holiday's, travel, and on, and on. 

Oh, and how could I forget, these damn ankles! If you have been following my Instastories, I have shared that I had a recent MRI done. It appears I have chronic inflammation and scar tissue in both; a cortisone injection to start, and then possible surgery to correct. You think I am WINING now; getting injected in my ankle and a possible 3 month post-op recovery. So NOT #fit4janine! 

Moral of this story? I am in a FUNK! LOL! Just kidding but, not really.

And, just as I mentioned a few weeks ago, the detective hat needs to go back on - IMMEDIATELY. I need to be kind to my body, focus on mind-body/holistic approaches, move from high impact to low impact, fuel myself appropriately, try to find out ways to stress less and sleep more, enjoy the moment, and get my health back in check. Please, hold me to this! 

Okay, enough WINING and, now, on to WINE! So excited to try this latest varietal from Italy! Remember, how I wanted to get a little more well-versed in Italian wines? Well, here we go! This is a 2015 vintage Barbaresco -"Produttori del Barbaresco." From the Piedmont region, this "full-bodied vintage, ripe red fruit and spicy flavors with a balanced tanning finish."



Tastes: Blackberry, cherry, smoke, & earth

Nose: Truffle, cherry, plum, leather, & vanilla

Definitely lighter than your big, bold California red, or even French Burgundy (more on this to come soon) but it is really lovely! Light and does get more pronounced the longer it breathes! Although I am pairing with a crab imperial tonight, I am sure this would be wonderful with a chicken, beef, or Italian dish! 



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