Thirsty Thursday: With A "Twist" of Rosemary!

Thirsty Thursday: With A "Twist" of Rosemary!

Cheers to THURSDAY, and "throwing it back" to some of my favorite spots in Baltimore for cocktails, conversation, and just plain AWESOME! Plus, all of these cocktails make it feel like I am in the Caribbean too, and this life has been the BEST LIFE!

Let me start with my first go-to...the MARTINI! 

Deep Eddy


Yes, as you know, I am a big martini fan but I also dig infused vodka on the rocks, such as the Deep Eddy brand from Austin, Texas. And this lemon variety is just a nice treat (and the line needs to come to St. Maarten, ASAP)! Nothing like a cocktail in hand when having #happyhour in the Caribbean, right? Or, in this case, during a business meeting at a hip and trendy spot in Baltimore - La Food Marketa at the Quarry Lake at Greenspring!

And, it would not be another week without sharing another favorite cocktail and my NEW FAVORITE spot in Baltimore - Maximon! I mean, I may need to make it a weekly hangout to remind me of the islands and how Caribbean life is the best life. Okay, one of many at least! :) I do miss my Baltimore peeps, Santa Monica family & friends, and I am thinking I need a ski hub now as well.

Maximon Cocktail


Go check out Maximon, grab a craft cocktail or two (the "Reina del Sur" is showcased), sample all of their yummy food, and dance the night away with their mariachi band!



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