"Work Health Wisdom:" Part 2

"Work Health Wisdom:" Part 2

What up Wednesday, WHAT UP? How are you doing you fine human? Ugh, I am still under the weather. This has sucked. No, it has not gotten me down - the show must go on - but COME the FUCK on! 

Okay, enough ranting. Seriously, how are you? Staying healthy? Kicking butt and taking names? Starting the New Year off on the right note? Gosh, it is weird to think that this time, last week, it was January 1st. I am already ready for Spring, and maybe that is because the 1st snowfall happened last evening. Yes, pretty and, fingers crossed, the cold air will rid any lingering germs (I am head to Utah this weekend so that should do it as well), but looking forward to being in my bathing suit for 2 weeks in the beginning of February! 

Alright, time to get this week's "Work Health Wisdom" video LIVE and to you. Did you enjoy LAST WEEK'S? I don't know, something different and, I hope, super valuable too! :) In "Part 2" of my 5-week series, I am asking you to get a little vulnerable. Ick - SCARY, YESSSSS but you and I got this! Here is the latest video for you to check out. It is short, sweet, and to the f-ing point! 

Here's to getting comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE!


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