"Work Health Wisdom:" Part 3

"Work Health Wisdom:" Part 3

Hello "410," and back to unseasonably "warm" temps. Yes, I did a QUICK girls weekend trip to Park City, Utah where I "hob nobbed" with celebrities, shopped, drank some craft cocktails, ate some YUMMY food, and even got in a few spa treatments. 

As for the celebrities, I wish! Ha! I am a couple weeks too soon but its all good. One day I will make it there for the BIG Sundance Film Festival where it is flocked with the "whose who" of the entertainment world! 

I could go on and on about my trip BUT that will be for a later blog post. Stay tuned! This week, it is "Part 3" of my January "Work Health Wisdom" series, and, today, it is all about GETTING MESSY.

And, for someone who is a "neat freak," this is REALLY hard for me, LOL. Well, you will see what I mean when you take a peek at this QUICK video. Yes, QUICK. 

Hope you enjoy and, if you are behind on the past 2 weeks, have no fear - I've got you covered! You can check out the past episodes below! 

Here's to getting MESSY and AUTHENTIC!



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