Workout Wednesday: You Will Get a Kick Out of These!

Workout Wednesday: You Will Get a Kick Out of These!

#workoutwednesday From heels, to sneaks, back into heels...I have a little FOMO when it comes to my workouts as of late.

Since I have back in Baltimore from vacation, life has been crazy, and I am honoring what my body is asking for - sleep, more down time, and trying to manage my STRESS. My usual 5-6 days of working out per week have gone down to 2-3 if I am lucky and feeling it. I will get back into my groove BUT, right now, I am just doing my thing.

When I am not all dressed up in heels, booties, or stylish flats, I am, usually, in my chic athletic wear, and in my favorite athletic shoe of all time - the Saucony "Freedom Iso 2."

Saucony Shoes

And THIS COLOR gets a LOT of attention and traction - get it? - too! At one time, I will have 3-4 pairs of different colors on hand. They have amazing support, cushioning - especially for my messed up ankles- and are great for short runs (under 5-6 miles) & a cross trainer too!

Talk about an AMAZING win! Remember peeps, you should be changing your shoes every 500 miles. If you, consistently, are wearing them, in addition to workouts, this is close to every 6-8 months, less, of course, if you are distance training!

Alright, here's to hoping I will be lacing up these bad boys SOONER, rather than later!


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