12 Reasons Why "19" Has My Heart: #7

12 Reasons Why "19" Has My Heart: #7

Definitely not JUNE GLOOM in Baltimore today (oh how I miss Cali). It feels more like the "Dog Days of August" instead. Ugh. This is so not good for the hair game peeps. Happy June 19th! I guess you could say today is my "1/2" Birthday since, six months from today, I will be the big old 34. OMG.

Okay, not going there right now...6 more months. 

Gosh, so much has happened since my last "19" post. One of the cool things about this series is to see how I have changed, and evolved, in just a short 6 month span. I mean, we all do BUT, when you sit back, read where you were 1 month ago, it is kind of amazing how life can change in a "New York Minute." And, no, this post has nothing to do with NYC. 

You ready for this month's "12 Reasons '19' Has My Heart" series? 

Reason #7: Doing It MY WAY and, FINALLY, Not Giving a Damn About How It Is Perceived! 

If you follow me, you have seen some of the latest pictures that I have been showcasing throughout my social media platforms. These came from the latest "mini" photo shoot I had last week, and it was something way out of the box and comfort zone for me (and least, part of it). Can you guess which picture was, definitely, something way out of the Janine Serio "norm?"

                               Janine Serio Janine Serio


FYI: This will be a test to see how many people ACTUALLY read my blog. The picture to the left is only being shown HERE. LOL. Deciding to take pictures in my Hanky Panky underwear (well, they were boy shorts to be exact), one of my favorite tees from Free People, and then going for a comfy, relaxed look in my new P.J. Salvage pajama bottoms and my "CEO" tee from Sassanova in Baltimore seemed like a no brainer. I wanted to showcase my bedroom BUT I wanted to do something a little different.

Something edgier...with a side of champagne of course. 

Doing something like THIS would have been a "no way, what would people think" so many years ago. I will be honest, I lived a big part of my life going by the rules, wondering how I would be perceived or what people would think, and not fully embracing "who I really am." These last few years - actually, last 6 months - have been eye opening for me.

While I still get that wave of, "oh gosh, what commentary is going to be said about a picture, post, my lifestyle I am showcasing, etc.," I have really worked hard about letting the noise go and just saying "this is who I am." If you don't like it (or "approve"), then stop following. If you are talking about me, then I am doing my job. 

I mean, you are talking about me...I am flattered. 

There are always going to be people who judge - let's face it, we all do - say negative or not the nicest of things. Once I realized that these comments are coming from a place of jealousy or unhappiness themselves, I started to not really give a damn.

The only thing that matters is that I am happy with who I am, what I am putting out in the social media space, and that it is in line with everything that is "Fit4Janine." Classy, stylish, fun, and, now, a little edgy! 

Happy Wednesday Love!


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