The Aviator Life!

The Aviator Life!

Ah, yes, hello Saturday and hello TRAVEL LIFE! This may be coming to you from 30,000 feet, just saying. The aviator life is taking centerstage, and I may not just be talking about heading out of Baltimore for the Labor Day Weekend to visit my sister and brother-in-law. More on what I mean momentarily but, first...

I am so freaking happy to be out of the 411 and just have a different change of pace. I have missed my travel life and, frankly, it has pissed me off. We have all been living in this "bat shit hard bubble" - I have no idea where I cam up with that phrase but lets go with it people - for the last 5 months and it is not healthy for anyone! I know, I am extremely respectful of those who are just not comfortable doing anything right now, especially if high risk. Each of us needs to handle this current state of affairs with our best judgement and comfort level too. 

For me, it is WAY OVERDUE. And, yes, I will be doing my due diligence when I get home (just in case you were wondering). 

The Aviator Life!

Every flight needs a kick ass outfit to fly in as well. I am a firm believer in looking decent when I fly because you never know who you are going to see, meet, or if you are, possibly, late to wherever you need to go! I relaxed on my trip to Palm Springs last February - don't get me wrong, I still kept it cute with athleisure - but my suitcase got lost and I was out of luck with trying to look half-way decent for a conference I was attending after just having flown across the country.



Let's talk about this outfit! I know, athleisure, but it is bougie and you can wear some fabulous glittered sneaks or something trendy! While I am actually wearing a dress that is 30% off this weekend ONLY, I am totally digging the Aviator Nation line as of late, and this "5 Star Striped Hoodie" in Charcoal is AH-MAZING! Talk about sales! They are having 20% off EVERYTHING with some items being 40% off! YASSSSS! A must to check-out but, again, another "this weekend only" sale. 

Now, let's not forget these "only the best joggers ever" by Vuori! This is my 3rd pair and, seriously, the comfiest you will ever wear! A handful of colors to choose from, including some new ones since I purchased mine a few weeks ago! Speaking of joggers, take a peek at my recent blog post that shared my 3 favorite joggers that are trending this Fall (and by no means athleisure). 

Cheers to the long weekend, some good sales, and getting out of your own way...or, in my case, out of Baltimore and living the aviator life! See what I did there?!?! Hope your weekend is nothing less than AMAZING!


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