Friday Favorites: A Day of Beauty

Friday Favorites: A Day of Beauty

HERE WE GO! OMGOSH, can you believe, Thanksgiving 2019 is in the books? Today, we, officially, start the Christmas season and are YOU ready for my latest series to debut?

Over the last few weeks, I have been "forecasting" to you what I would be sharing in regards to the hot items I am purchasing as gifts this year. AND, today I am so pumped - and definitely, NOT, in a turkey coma - to be introducing this week's FIRST line-up. WAIT, how much do you love this wrapping paper too. I think I know the model on it...ha!

Janine Wrapping Paper


While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my beauty regime is a TOP priority in my books, and I want you in on ALL of IT. Okay, to be fair, there are so many other products/brands that I use and tout, but these "beauties" are at the tippy top of my list this year! Plus, with it being Black Friday, you may even be able to score some unbelievable deals too! 

Friday Favorites: A Day of Beauty

#1: Get "blown away" by the DryBar! **20% off products, tools, and kits for Black Friday week**

Omgosh, this line of hair styling tools and products have been an absolute game changer for my hair! And, if you know me, you know I have a LOT of it, and damn it is a pain in the ass to style. While I had always heard of the line, I got to really know it when I was living in California 2 years ago and there was one a few blocks away from where I was staying. I really wish one would come to Baltimore. Their blowouts are, literally, the BEST. I cannot seem to find anyone who can come close to what they do, with the exception of the gals who do my cut & highlight, and hair & makeup.

Buttercup Bowl


I will be upfront, the average price for their items are, definitely, on the higher side but it is so worth it! Take for example the "Buttercup" Hair Dryer. I was given this as a gift from my parents a few years ago and, since then, clients I have purchased because I have talked about how much I LOVE it, I bought for my Mom for Mother's Day, and my Mom, recently, gave to my sister for her Birthday. And, the "Tress Press" hair straightener is AH-MAZING too. Again, I just purchased one in early January, and gifted the latest version (a wider paddle) to my sister for her Birthday/Christmas! 

DryBar Tress Press


My other go-to's? Their brushes are fabulous - I have the round and paddle brush - "Hold Me" Hair Clips, "Detox" Dry Shampoo (in their signature scent), "Hot Toddy" Heat Protectant Spray, Shimmer Spritzer, and the "Morning After" shower Cap. These make for some AMAZING stocking stuffers. Believe me, I know, firsthand!

DryBar Products


#2: This is SO Charming! Ready to get your monthly BoxyCharm subscription? 

As a newbie to this subscription over the past few months, I have been wondering why I have not jumped on the bandwagon sooner. My fabulous friend, and the beauty behind my hair and makeup, Sarah Slater Yuhas, gave me the 411 on this monthly gift to myself. Every month, you receive 4-5 FULL SIZED products, ranging from makeup and skincare, to beauty tools and color cosmetics. Minimum value of each box - $100 bucks - and, you only pay $25. 

Boxy Charm


Yes, I KNOW! I even upgraded to their quarterly subscription - BoxyLuxe - which has a value of over $275 dollars, and a 3 month charge of $49.99. And they, recently, launched "BoxyCharm Premium" - $35 per month, with a $175+ value, and 6-7 FULL SIZED products. Yeah, AH-MAZING, and so I had to take advantage!

Interested in trying it out? Use THIS link (below) to get you set-up, and start living the BoxyCharm lifestyle TODAY!


#3: I Am Feeling a Bit Swiaa!

Let's talk skincare! Another thing that I get touted for is my skin. Funny, I went through my puberty years, and even after, where my skin was a hot mess. I have always been into taking care of my skin with the best products (for which I could afford) but the one thing that is against me is how sensitive I am to EVERYTHING. On the bright side, my Polish genetics, and seeing how my Dad's side of the family is aging, I may be in good hands. 

So, yes, I am a little OCD when it comes to what I put on my face. While not needed to get the desired clarity, suppleness, brightness, non-congested, non-dry, non-red complexion I (or you) would like, I get facials and glycolic & chemical peels on the regular. While my consistency has not been as great due to my schedule, when I am ON POINT, I am religious about getting one every week. And, luckily, my biz manager is a licensed Esthetician who I credit my skin looking so picture worthy, although I am a dedicated morning and evening cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, and moisturizer, etc. Okay, mind you, I am human and, sometimes, this is not always the case. Oh, I should mention I use a facial scrub a handful of times a week, and a cleansing brush with my cleanser daily. Sometimes a recovery sleep mask goes on at night too. 

Paul Scerri


The fabulous line of products that I use are Paul Scerri and, as promised during my "Friday Forecast," here is my exact beauty. Remember, these are "Fit4Janine," and may not necessarily be "FIT" for your skin type! Consult an esthetician for additional guidance!

Cleanser: Moisturizing Cleanser

Toner: Balancing Lotion

Serum: Phytodrop Serum for Very Sensitive Skin

Moisturizer: Moisturizing Night Cream for both Day & Night

Scrub: Exfoliating Cream

The eye cream & sleep recovery masks I use are from different brands, and will be chatted about come January!

Well, are you ready to start shopping? So many AWESOME products that are the perfect gifts to give this Holiday season! Should you have any additional questions, please, drop me a line! Love to chat!


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