Dress You Up in Rhode

Dress You Up in Rhode

Doesn't that just make you want to break out into "Dress You Up In My Love" by Madonna? Or maybe that is just me?!?! Ha! And, for some reason, leotard, leggings, and scrunchies come to mind too!

August, what can I say; you have been, well, AUGUST! One thing you are NOT -  this lovely gorgeous "Ella" dress by Rhode from Sassanova!

Dress You Up In Rhode



And THIS COLOR! There is something about "chartreuse" that is just classy, whimsical, and FUN! While I give my best interpretation of the dress in the corresponding video in my feed, here are all the details, direct from the fabulous designer!

"Oversized in fit, Rhode's signature style is crafted from 100% cotton and cut with a loose, universally flattering fit. Featuring long dolman sleeves with elastic cuffs and a full, flirty hem, it’s impossibly effortless worn as-is with flats, or with the waist-cinching braided belt."


Now, are you ready to have one in your closet too?!?! Make sure to check out the link, below, to purchase one of your very own! There is a super cute paisley print in this same style, and another version of the "Ella" style that is white with flowers that is ON SALE too! Oh yes, love a good sale!

WAIT, before I forget! This company has just brought back their line of lounge/pajama wear. I KNOW! Some of their infamous prints can now be YOURS as you get comfy in bed, have a lazy weekend, or just want to get look a little more bougie sitting at your computer while working from home. 

Hope your #sundayfunday is just as fabulous as this beauty! Happy Shopping, and here is to the 2nd to last day of August. Errmyyygosh, I am so ready for a NEW month, Fall, and just new beginnings. 

Here's to positive vibes, and having the best yet to come!


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