Edgy...With a Glass of Champagne.

Edgy...With a Glass of Champagne.

And that is the exact word that seems to be coming to my mind - A LOT. First, and foremost, Happy (Belated) Father's Day to all the AMAZING Dad's out there! I hope yesterday was met with FAMILY, FUN, and all things "Fit4You."

What a weekend it was, and a feel like I need a day off from it. While yesterday was brought with work, seeing clients, and then celebrating my fabulous Dad, Saturday was filled with a Bridal Shower for my cousin's fiance, and then an EPIC 40th Birthday Party for a very good client/friend of mine! This "required" hair/makeup bright and early, 2 outfit changes, and 2 sets of heels that left me in a state of "omg" by the end of the night! But, I did it all looking super stylish! LOL!

On Friday, I did something a little out of my comfort zone...it was EDGY, it was FUN, and it was a NEW LOOK for "Janine Serio." Take a looksy for yourself!

                  Janine Serio Rolling Stones Hanky Panky Janine Serio Rolling Stones Hanky Panky Janine Serio Rolling Stones Hanky Panky


Yes, I so went there, and loved every freaking minute of it. Was it scary to put myself out there in this way? Of course? Did I know it was going to come with a whole lot of questions, comments, and "what are you doing?" Absolutely...and THIS is the part I want to share. 

I feel like I am coming into this next stage of my life, as well as the next step in my professional journey too. For the record, I am not selling/showcasing/promoting ANYTHING more than that fabulous lingerie line that I adore, Hanky Panky, and these vintage tees from Free People that totally line my closet shelves. Oh, and it wasn't all lace boy shorts - take a look at theses ensembles from P.J. Salvage, Sassanova of Greenspring, AND Madewell

                               Janine Serio P.J. Salvage and Sassanova Janine Serio P.J. Salvage and Sassanova Janine Serio Madewell


This is a new look, a new vibe, and, come on, so CLASSY. Would you expect anything else? Well, maybe this is out of the box for me BUT that is the point! I need to keep my brand fresh, and cutting edge, all while staying in line with what is "Fit4Janine."

Something different. Something edgier.

Something to keep you guessing. 

The comments and buzz I have received must mean I am doing my job. I am being talked about. A few years ago, I would have, "A," never done something like this and, "B," I would have taken offense to every single comment that was questioning myself and my brand. As I mentioned before, I am coming into this next stage of my life older, wiser, and doing my f-ing best to meet these comments with "hey it's your opinion, and think what you want." I am edgier, and I don't think this is a "bad look" for me.

Professionally, by putting myself out there in the social media world, this is the realization of what is going to happen. Developing that thick skin, and knowing there is ALWAYS going to be "someone" who will try to put you down is bound to happen. I will admit, there was a post I had shared on Facebook last evening that I hid from my timeline this morning - picture/post still visible in my photo section - that, while gained a TON of traction, and some really positive responses, it was also met with some inappropriate ones too. Yes, I go through and delete, but I felt like I needed a "time out" for a moment. I needed to check in with myself and remember that this is about no one else but me. Put on your "big girl pants" (or boy shorts) and own it. 

And that is what I am doing. Yes, the post was put back on my timeline, LOL. This is the first time, in a long time (maybe ever), that I welcome the comments - the "good," the "wtf," and everything else in between.

Because this is Janine Serio - 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0. I give up on which addition now! Ha!

Hope you have an amazing week, and doing so living your best life (and owning every minute of it)! And, please, do it with a side of bubbly! 


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