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What's Fit4Janine?

A Lifestyle Brand showcasing all the fabulous establishments & entities “FIT” for Janine Serio in the realm of Food, Fashion, Décor, and Travel! And, let’s not forget, a little coffee and wine too!

It’s, HERE, where you can get a peek at Janine’s latest VLOG’s (yes, that is “video blogging”) highlighting her favorite places that she gives the “F4J Stamp of Approval,” in addition to her latest media spotlights. From magazine articles, podcasts, and radio guest spots, to local, in-person events, TV appearances, collaborations, etc., the Fit4Janine Lifestyle Brand is your absolute “go-to” if you are looking to elevate your businesses notoriety and social media presence! 

Janine’s personality, enthusiasm, and energy is captured in each one of her client’s work, and she will make sure your company’s vibe and message is clearly expressed throughout. And she knows how to have a LOT of fun too!


So, who has the F4J Stamp of Approval?

Take a look at my work!

Here are some of my latest VLOGS as well as what I have been up to in the media!

see Janine in the media!

Take it from my Audience:

Every time we work with Janine, she absolutely radiates positive energy. Her upbeat attitude and creativity makes our job easy. Janine is open to all concepts and shows transparency to any idea we bring to the table. From the drawing board to the end result, Janine's team is always cooperative and concise! Working with Janine is always an enjoyable and professional experience…we look forward to working together for the next decade!"

Alexander Fakeri  | Founder + CEO, MOJO Creative Digital

"Together with my partner, I own and operate City Cafe and Tark's Grill. Combined, we have over 300 seats, and over 100 employees! Finding the time to devote to social media can be difficult to find in my day, yet I know it's important. It was an unexpected pleasure to meet Janine Serio and have her take an interest in helping to promote Tark's on her Fit4Janine vlog. She and her creative team worked a full day to help promote our chef's menu selections and our bartender's cocktails. The video is very well filmed and edited. She is hard working and dedicated and we appreciate her efforts to market Tark's to her audience."

Bruce Bodie  | Owner, Tark's Grill

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