Fast Fashion Friday: New Beginnings & Fabulous Baubles!

Fast Fashion Friday: New Beginnings & Fabulous Baubles!

And I thought I was thrilled when it was Thursday! Happy, Happy Friday love! I hope you had a great week! To say the least, it has been a whirlwind. While I will get to my "Fast Fashion Friday," I do want to share something BIG that happened earlier today. Okay, well, when I say BIG, I mean today has been a long time coming. Oh wait, you know what else was big this week - a NEW CAR. Who, actually, likes car shopping?

Back to what was BIG today...

My rental property in downtown Baltimore FINALLY SOLD and, today, I put my signature on a chapter that has been long overdue. This was the home that my ex and I bought right after we were married. I remember being filled with so much emotion close 11 years ago. I mean, I was 23, just married, purchased my very 1st home in a trendy neighborhood in Baltimore, and I was set. You know, "living the dream." 

And, while that story did not end in the way I ever thought, the buying out of the house, becoming a "landlord," and now having gone through the whole selling of a home process has been a journey; one that has neither been linear or predictable (and that can, easily, be said for this pandemic too). 

A lot of growth & heartache, but some major life lessons I have endured along the way have, definitely, made me a better version of my current self. And I would not have changed one bit of it...okay, maybe some of it. So, today marks a new chapter, and I am so thrilled to have this weight lifted off of me, even if it means barely breaking even! Talk about a supposed nest egg. You know what, that is here nor there and it is time to move on, and that is, exactly, what I am going to do! 

Now, let's get rid of the heavy, and have a little FAST FASHION FUN! You ready?

Fast Fashion Friday: New Beginnings & Fabulous Baubles! 



There is something about some fabulous baubles that can just take your game to the next level. I have become super obsessed with a company called "Shiver & Duke" - an independent jewelry company that is recreating vintage and coupling it with class, sophistication, and a whole lot of trendy! Make sure to check out the bio - it is a great one! Oh, and they have some other awesomeness besides jewelry too! 

I was introduced to this brand from Sassanova - my go-to Baltimore boutique - and I, recently, purchased several items that I look forward to wearing & showcasing. Speaking of which, last weekend, I took my athleisure wear up a notch by adding the Ball Chain Designer Necklace. Sorry it is not a super clear picture! This is what you get with a selfie! Ha! 



What other goodies did I get? 

I, also, have this fabulous Cayman Necklace too! 



Oh, and don't worry, I have my eye on some other pieces as well, but I will have to keep those under wraps until I purchase and check them out for myself! 

Here's to another week in the books! I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and a stylish one too!


P.S. If you missed last week's "Fast Fashion Friday," you can do so HERE!

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