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In addition to loving all things FOOD and FASHION, I have another true love - PARTY PLANNING.

Yes, I am all about throwing a fabulous party, whether it's for 4 people or 40. I have been known to pull something together on a whim but, if you give me a little longer than 24 hours (LOL), I know how to take a party from a simple date and guest list, to a full blown, "WOW, THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE."

And, I promise you, it doesn't have to be expensive! From using what I have, to renting, and even buying some things new, I cannot wait to showcase some of the bougie events - yes, BOUGIE, because that is how I roll - I have put together, even if I have been given less than 24 hour's notice!

I tend to do my best work under pressure…just sayin'!

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When I say I am a frustrated decorator, well, I am a frustrated decorator. Maybe it's because I don't have endless amounts of monetary resources to do what I want to do right away!

Maybe that is just an excuse BUT I do feel that way 99% of the time!

I know what I like, and I have a clear vision of how I want something to look & feel, but, money aside, it's a matter of finding that perfect piece of furniture, wall art, color, fabric, chachki, etc. that seems to set a room apart.

Sure, it's easy to pick out something from a magazine, design book, or from a decorators showroom, but the hunt is what makes it truly unique. It's a story to tell, and one that represents your mood, personality, and overall vibe.

And this is what I look forward to sharing with you!

I love gift giving, and I would, totally, put a dinner, trip, really anything for that matter, on my credit card - even if maxed out - to treat and spend time with my loved ones. It may not be the smartest but that is just ME.
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