Martini Monday: On The Rocks With a Side of Pink!

Martini Monday: On The Rocks With a Side of Pink!

Happy June 1st, and Happy "Martini Monday!" :) Ha, yes, see my priorities! I kid BUT I am just so excited that we are in a new month, and it is a new week, AND, did I mention it is Martini Monday? See, what better way to kick off the week with one of my go-to happy hour cocktails, and how I accessorize it too! As a Lifestyle Influencer, I need to do my part with keeping it classy when having it "straight-up" or "on the rocks." 

Martini Monday: On the Rocks with a Side of Pink! 

Martini Monday-Grey Goose


Yes, for those who know me, you know I do love a really fabulous Grey Goose martini - straight up or on the rocks, with a twist, and a side of an accessory! A fabulous pink clutch to be exact! For the record, this clutch from Lilly Pulitzer gets more action then, well, me (please, I rarely get a lot of action 🙄). Seriously, take this clutch with me and drinks start being sent left and right! Please, I am kidding but it is a conversation starter! Honestly, I only think guys are curious about it because it either A - takes up too much space on the bar or B - their wife would totally love it and he wants to know where to purchase. It has, yet, to score me a date, LOL. 

So, yes, in case you were wondering, this is a fabulous Grey Goose, on the rocks, with a lemon wedge, and I am throwing this back to being in Palm Springs. See, the clutch totally fits! Palm Springs just screams bright colors, and that is how I love to travel - with BRIGHT COLORS! Btw, did I mention I am traveling back to Palm Springs in February/March 2021?!?! Here's hoping things will be somewhat normal by then, right (or whatever new normal may be at least).

Alright loves, here’s to the start of a new week and a new month! Hope it is a great one for you (I know I am hoping for it)! Cheers, and drink responsibly (and what you love)!


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