Pink Floyd, Cobb Salad, & A Muddled Lemon Cocktail

Pink Floyd, Cobb Salad, & A Muddled Lemon Cocktail

Do all those 3 things seem random to you? Well, if they do, you should not feel that way! Ha! I am feeling very nostalgic as of late, and missing my travel life! Today, I am sharing with you some favorites that remind me of my 2nd home - California. Yes, and it does include vintage "Pink Floyd" tees, a "Cobb Salad," and my take on a fabulous "Muddled Lemon Cocktail!" 

Pink Floyd, Cobb Salad, & A Muddled Lemon Cocktail! 

Yes, I am missing my bestie - Santa Monica! You know, that place that just fucking gets you and you can fly under the radar, unless you are someone really famous. Then, sorry...your "Benjamin's" give you greater access for exposure. One of the things I love about the town - beyond its fabulous beach ritzy beach vibe - is that it is laid back, trendy, and can be total glam all at the same time! 



Take, for example, this fabulous vintage, graphic tee by Junk Food Clothing that I, recently, purchased at South Moon Under.  Btw, they have an amazing selection of tees! This, paired with joggers, is the perfect morning coffee run, unless I am, literally, running in my Lululemon ensemble to catch a fitness class. If not joggers than short, shorts because quadzilla and NO JUDGEMENT!

Now, onto food and cocktails! Today's #sundayfunday sure feels a whole lot better when it involves having a yummy lunch that is a take on the The Beverly Hills Hotel “Polo Lounge” iconic “McCarthy Salad.”


If you have been, you know what I am talking about! Pretty much my go-to every time I am there, this Cobb Salad is like no other! And, the Pink Palace is like no other too! 

Named after the polo-playing millionaire, Neil McCarthy, this has been untouched since the 1940’s. As it is told, he was very specific about all of the ingredients he wanted, including that they all be chopped!

With an array of color consisting of grilled chicken, tomatoes, egg yolks and whites, bacon, beets, aged cheddar, and avocado, all on top of mixed romaine and iceberg lettuce, you will never want to have salad any other way! The skill is the chopping people! Click HERE to get the full recipe, as well as homemade dressing too! 

Finally, to get a bit boozy, and this cocktail is, well, BOOZY. I am headed outside of Santa Monica where I am doing a take on a Palm Springs favorite from the Parker Palm Springs - my version of the Muddled Lemon Cocktail. Refreshing, light, super easy to craft, and did I mention super boozy? 



While I am only showcasing 1 drink, the recipe serves 3 in 12 oz. highball glasses. Of course, you can get more mileage out of it by serving in small glasses but is that even fun? 😂

- 1 1/2 cups of lemon infused vodka; my go-to is Deep Eddy Vodka
- 1/4 - 1/2 cup - depends upon how heavy handed you are with measuring - of a good quality Limoncello; Pallini Limoncello is the best
- 1 can lemon lime mixer; I used Zevia that included bitters
- Sliced lemon
- Lots of crushed ice
- Fun glassware and paper straws

In a cocktail shaker, shake vodka and limoncello; I keep my vodka in the freezer so I did not bother to shake over ice. Fill glassware about 1/2 - 3/4 of the way full with vodka/liqueur mix over LOTS of crushed ice! Fill the rest with the lemon/lime mixer. Stir, adorn with a lemon, and DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

See, not so random, right? Here's to a wonderful Sunday, and an AWESOME week ahead! 


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