I Am Real. Enough Said.

I Am Real. Enough Said.

Hey there Sunday! Happy August 2nd! And, GUESS WHAT, I am REAL. I promise, REAL, in every sense of the word.

I have been getting a lot of messages, recently, via my social media, asking if I am "real," and you look "too good to be true," and, well, I feel a little embarrassed to say the rest, although I wonder if Hollywood is in my future someday.

Yes, I Am Real.



And while I appreciate every kind word that has come across my social media platforms over the last week, few months, couple years, etc., remember, I am real, and I go through the same shit like everyone else does.

Beyond the pictures that I post, there is a story and a message behind each of them. My goal as an influencer is to not only influence on lifestyle BUT to, also, talk about what is REAL & happening in my life too. Sometimes, it is not always in the moment - still need to have a personal life - but what I share is who I am. Whether this be on Facebook, Instagram, here on blog, and so forth, this is ME, being ME. 

Social media - in general - can be a harsh, fake world. Only good things are shown, non-reality pictures to paint a better picture, constantly boasting, gloating, etc. I get it; I want to shut it down at times myself. Remember, though, it is easy to see through bull shit. Trust me!

Social media aside, this pandemic has opened my eyes a lot! It has been another reminder of working on my own process, and the type of woman I want to continue evolving into, and surrounding myself with people who give me the same love and respect as I do with them.

So, while the best is yet to come, I am toasting to being authentic, owning your story, and knowing your self-worth. You fucking deserve it!

And, one more time, I AM REAL.


P.S. I showcased the dress I am wearing in this picture a few weeks ago. You can get the scoop on it HERE!

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