I like to cook. I mean, really like to cook. 

But here is another secret I have to share. I am working on my confidence in being able to not rely on a recipe so much. And, what I mean by that, is relying on someone else's recipe(s).

My recipes, well, that is a totally different story! 

As the FOODIE in me starts getting down and "dirty" - not really, I am pretty OCD with cleanliness - in the kitchen, you are going to see a PLETHORA of dishes to check out the next time you are in the mood to move away from your boring and bland chicken breast dinners. Yeah, been there; done that. Ugh. Food needs to be exciting and palatable. Boring is for 'da birds!

While my recipe section will involve a lot of my own, personal recipes, I will be sharing ones that I have re-created from some of favorite food bloggers in the industry, as well as some recipes that are just too good to change up! So get ready, get excited, and get HUNGRY!

I sure am, but what else is new?!?!

My Netflix consists of past Gossip Girl & 90210 episodes, and I am, currently, swooning over the series “Girlfriends Guide to Divorce.”
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