Stitches & Curve Balls

Stitches & Curve Balls

Happy HOT Monday vibes you fabulous human! How are you rolling into this last week of July? Can you believe it? I am ready, and SO ready for this HOT and HUMID weather to get OUT OF HERE! Yes, I know we have to get through the dog days of August but I am ready for Fall! You know what I was NOT ready for, though - STITCHES. Ugh, my first and, hopefully, my last. 

Stitches & Curve Balls 

On Friday, I had a very minor accident that, seriously, you could not do if you tried. Uh huh, yes. And one that had me ending up in Patient First. 

In my quest to become one with the crab eating, I purchased some yummy wheat beer that I was recommended. As you may know, I air more on the side of cocktails and wine but I want to get more into the various craft beers, especially with my sister & brother in law living in Denver and breweries popping up all over. That may seem random but beer is huge in Denver...ah hem. It's all about being well versed peeps! 

As I was unloading the goodies, one of the long neck bottles fell out from the bottom, landed right on my ankle, shattered, and gave me 2 NIIIICCCEEE cuts. Needless to say, one of them was so deep I can't even begin to write without feeling a bit queasy. My initial reaction - "oh shit, I have to clean up the garage, and my ankle/foot, and I have all this stuff to put away." As I tried to do so, though, the feeling of not being able to walk took over and, well, the single leg hopping was only going so far. For the record, where it hit, is right where the foot flexes. Of f-ing of course!

After a back and forth debate, it was a Patient First visit, and I am glad I did not wait until Saturday. Six (6), yes 6, stitches later, and I was as good as new. Did I mention these were my first? Let me rephrase "good as new." It came with swelling, some throbbing, hard to put any weight/pressure, and not being able to workout for 10 days. Mind you, I had elective surgery at the end of June and I am on the IR from upper body for 4-6 weeks. Greeaaatttt! Now, nada, and I am going a bit stir crazy. - yes, after 4 days of keeping still - but I know it is another wake-up call, and a reminder, of my wellness journey practice. 

As a health and wellness professional, one of the very things I coach on is LIFESTYLE, and having a maintenance plan that works for YOU. In times of ebbs, such as family/work craziness, vacation, injuries, etc., knowing what works and what does not work is the absolute key. And, as hard as it may be, especially when "set in your ways," it is times like RIGHT NOW when you practice those very "rules"  that keep you staying the course, navigating down the middle, and remembering that nothing is neither linear nor predictable. 

And, I will get through this, one day and a time, and one stitch at a time, all while remembering that life has its ebbs and flows. It's all about navigating the course! Until then, while I may be a bit miffed, it will all be just fine, and hoping I do not scar! Grr.

Here's to a great week! Hope you are staying healthy, safe, and injury free! 



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