Wine In The Summertime: 2 Vinos & Cash Back!

Wine In The Summertime: 2 Vinos & Cash Back!

Happy Wednesday, Hump Day, Mid Week, "Two More Sleeps," WHATEVER you want to call it! How are you doing? Yes, I know you read the word "cash back" in my post. And, yes, I really do mean "cash back!" But, you are going to have to talk a little wine with me FIRST before I give you all the details! Plus, this is my LAST "Wine In The Summertime" post for this month - trust me, more will be headed your way - and I wanted to share 2 more beauties with you! 

Wine In The Summertime: 2 Vinos & Cash Back!

Summertime-Wine-2 Vinos


Cha-Ching! While today is the last day of this particular series, I thought it would be fun to showcase 2 wines instead of 1. Because 2 is better than 1, right? Plus, I think these are just fabulous for those dog days of Summer. Yes, it is still June - August is generally considered the "dog days," right - but it has been downright hot, muggy, and HUMID. 

Let's start with the Miraval Rose - a CLASSIC! Actually, what I have enjoyed about these last few weeks is that it has encouraged me to not only try new vinos but bring back ones that I have overlooked. And how could I have forgotten the fabulous Miraval from Provence France!



Here's an interesting fact...did you know this wine is a collaboration from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and the Perrin family? FYI: The Perrin's are one of France's leading wine families. 

What can you expect besides a really fun shaped bottle? A pretty petal pink color with shiny undertones, this vintage instantly reminds of Provence with its beautiful aromas of fresh fruit and spring flowers. Airy and balanced, it delicately combines great freshness and complexity, and develops saline and mineral notes. Its long and intense finish is the signature of a rosé with incomparable elegance (

It is an absolute WIN and, as I mentioned, the bottle is just so FUN too! 

Next up, a Sauvignon Blanc from a vineyard whose Cabernet is AMAZING and, well, I was going with my gut that this would be pretty yummy too. And, no, a screw top lid bottle of wine does NOT bother/offend me! My thoughts on the DAOU Estate Sauvignon Blanc? A very different approach, especially after the Kim Crawford I showcased last week. This has much more buttery hints, alongside a bit of a plethora of citrus! Pretty darn good if I say so myself, but I will let "" give you more of the specifics! 



The 2019 DAOU Estate Sauvignon Blanc exemplifies how this classic Bordeaux variety excels on DAOU Mountain. The chalky soils of DAOU Mountain give this wine loads of minerality on the palate while concentrated aromas of stone fruits, guava, kiwi and citrus blossom travel through the glass to enrich your nose. A touch of Sémillon works in harmony with the Sauvignon Blanc, adding complexity and dimension. Full-bodied yet balanced, this wine provides for a complete experience with an impressively long finish.

Is it happy hour yet? Now, are you ready to know how you can shop & earn cash back (even on these Summertime wines too)???

I was chatting with a client a few weeks ago who asked me, "Janine, are you part of Rakuten by chance?" Yes, while shopping is my thing, I, honestly, was not aware of this company. As it turns out, it was originally called "Ebates" which I had known about but did not know the in's and out's of how it worked. 

In a nutshell, Rakuten is an affiliate marketing business between a company and YOU. Rakuten is paid by said business - think J. Crew, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Lululemon, and over 2500+ fabulous shops - to get you to their site. If a purchase is made, Rakuten gives YOU back part of their profit.  It is THAT easy! Plus, you can add a plugin on your computer that automatically alerts you when you are shopping. Did I mention if you refer friends you can get additional moolah too?!?!

For example, I am in the market for some every day tees, so I went to to see if they had anything exciting. Not only do they have 60% off Summer styles BUT my Rakuten plug-in altered me that I could receive 1% cash back! 



All you have to do is click where it says "activate" and you are all set! If you make a purchase Rakuten will alert you and money will be in your account within 24 hours. 

A lot of my Rakuten "cash backs" have been more by "coincidence" (close to $100 in 2 months) but you can be more strategic by checking out their site each day to see all the latest shopping deals and cash back offers. I recommend downloading the app on your phone too! I mean, the next time you get carryout via UberEats, you could be putting money back in your pocket too! 

And, while some shops may not be giving cash back, they will have some amazing coupon offers too! Did I mention absolutely no gimmicks at all! 

So, what is the only thing stopping you from registering? Just money back on your purchases, that's all. I mean, no biggy! Ha! One more incentive? When you sign up and spend $25, you get $10 back, instantly! 

Need a new workout outfit and athletic shoes too? Under Armour is part of it, and giving 9% cash back right now! 

New some new beauty products for some summertime fun? Ulta has you covered with 6% cash back.

Want to purchase the wine I have talked about today? will give you 2.5% cash back on the rose & sauvignon blanc.  

The next time I head back to Santa Monica and stay at the Fairmont, I know I will be getting 2.5 % cash back on my stay. 

Are you ready to "rack it up" with Rakuten? I think it would be an awesome way to kick off the 2nd half of your work week!

Here's to the Summertime, and just unwinding! Cheers, and drink responsibly! 


P.S. You can get the scoop from last week's Summertime vino HERE!

Disclosure: While all thoughts and opinions are my own, this post contains some affiliate links in which I may be compensated (at not cost to you).This compensation helps with keeping my blog up and running, and creating amazing content to share! I cannot thank you enough for your support, feedback, and following! You are the best! 

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